"I am my own culture. And you are yours. And we all deserve to be affirmed for who we are at our utmost core. "

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The We Belong Project is a resource for sexual minority women and for health care providers.

My name is Niki Flemmer, and I started this project because, as both a sexual minority woman interacting with health care and as a health care provider myself, I became acutely aware of how much improvement we need in […]

What is a WSW or a Sexual Minority Woman?

A WSW (woman who has sex with women) or a sexual minority woman is a woman who is not exclusively heterosexual in either her expression of her sexuality or her sexual identity. Many people, including health care providers, may call WSW “lesbians”. However, not every WSW identifies herself as a “lesbian” and so using the […]

For Women: What is Cultural Safety?

Cultural Safety. When I heard that term for the first time, I thought it was confusing. And had nothing to do with me, being a white female woman, born and raised in America. I soon learned it has everything to do with me. And you. And all of us.

We all have our own culture. […]